White iPhone 4: Where to Buy Yours

Apple began selling the white version of its iPhone 4 on Thursday both online and in stores. Availability may be limited, so The Mac Observer cobbled together a list of the places where you may be able to pick one up.

White iPhone 4iPhone 4: Now in white

  • Apple Apple is selling the white iPhone 4 in its own retail stores and online. If you want the white model right away, your best bet is to visit a store since online orders are showing a 3- to 5-day shipping delay.
  • AT&T Apple’s original iPhone parter, AT&T, is selling the white model in its stores and online, too. Since Apple tends to ship inventory to its own stores first, you may not have as much luck picking one up in person. Online, however, it looks like you can get next day shipping.
  • Verizon Like Apple and AT&T, Verizon is selling the white iPhone 4 in store and online. Expect limited quantities in the carrier’s retail locations, but like AT&T, you can get next day shipping for online orders.
  • Best Buy Big box retailer Best Buy carries the iPhone 4, but for now it appears the company only offers the black model. That goes for in store sales as well as online purchases.
  • Walmart Walmart stores seem to be everywhere, and they carry the iPhone 4, so you can buy yours nearly anywhere in the U.S. — assuming you’re happy with the black model. Like Best Buy, Walmart offers the iPhone 4 only in black in its stores and online, at least for now.
  • Target With Best Buy and Walmart in on the iPhone action, it’s no surprise that Target is selling the combination iPod and smartphone, too. It’s also no surprise that the retailer offers the iPhone 4 only in black.
  • Radio Shack Electronics retailer Radio Shack sells the iPhone 4 online and in its own stores, but usually in limited quantities. Like Walmart, Best Buy and Target, Radio Shack’s iPhone inventory is limited to black.

The white iPhone 4 is available in 16GB and 32GB storage capacities for US$199 and $299, respectively, when signing up for a two-year service contract. While you may eventually be able to buy the white model everywhere the iPhone is sold, for now your best bet is to stick with Apple, AT&T or Verizon stores.