White Ninja Goes Half Way in Apple Store Burglary

Apple’s Friendly Center store in Greensboro, North Carolina, will be closed All day Friday while employees clean up after a failed smash-and-grab burglary attempt. The suspect was said to look like a “white ninja,” and fled the scene after driving a stolen car through the store’s glass doors.

Go ninja, go ninja, go!The White Ninja smashed through the front of Apple’s Friendly Center store
Image courtesy of 1075 KZL

A security guard reported that the suspect was wearing a white ninja suit, and police described the suspect as wearing a white shirt and a mask with a hood. The suspect allegedly stole a car, then drove through the store’s front doors sometime before 5AM, according to WGHP News.

The suspect left the car parked partially in the Apple Store, then ran away without stealing anything.

Police shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the suspect since they left their personal information in the stolen car, according to radio station 1075 KZL.

Apple’s retail locations are popular targets for criminals because the glass store fronts are relatively easy to break through, and the company’s computers, iPhones, iPads and iPods can be quickly sold for cash.