Wiley Releases “Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies”

Wiley has released Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies, by our own Bob “Dr. Mac” Levitus with Bryan “I’m Writing This Article, Too” Chaffin. The book rounds up some of the best iPad apps on the App Store, and the apps covered were compiled by testing hundreds of apps on the device.

From the back cover:

  • Cream of the crop — uncover the most essential and entertaining gems in the App Store
  • What’s app, Doc? — stay on track each day with apps for weather, news, health, fitness, and finance
  • Be a social animal — connect with friends, find restaurants, travel, and cook a new dish
  • Feed your cravings — indulge your interests from art to music to games and more
  • More bang for your buck — discover which apps are worth the price and when free is fabulous

Open the book and find:

  • Tips on which apps give you the most for your money
  • The best apps for book worms
  • First-rate apps for music and photo enthusiasts
  • How to manage your finances on the iPad
  • Advice on the best games for kids and grown-ups
  • Which apps help boost your productivity at work
  • More than 50 awesome apps that are absolutely free
  • Ten cool things to go with your apps

Learn about:

  • Dr. Mac’s prescription for the ultimate iPad experience
  • Apps for foodies, fans, travelers, traders, gamers, shutterbugs, and more
  • Cool accessories to go along with your apps

Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies is priced at US$18.99. It is available on Amazon now for $11.74, and should also be showing up in retail locations. Apple has it on the iBooks Store for $12.99, and it’s available for Kindle for $9.99.

Incredible iPad Apps for Dummies