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Cirque du Mac 8.0


Macworld Expo is just two weeks away, and our Cirque du Mac party helps kick things off on the evening of Thursday, January 27th. We’ll have the Macworld All-Star Band play, of course, plus lots of other fun stuff that we have in store for those in attendance. Hosted by The Mac Obsever and BackBeat Media, Cirque du Mac 8.0 is sponsored by:


Of course, it’s invite-only, but over the next week we’ll be giving away 10 pairs of tickets for you, the readers that make what we do here at TMO possible. To enter to win you simply have to do two things (ok, well, maybe three). First, make sure you “Like” TMO over on FaceBook. Then come back here and post in the comments about why you want tickets to Cirque. Your post can be as simple as, “hey, I wanna party with you,” or it can be more creative (and you know how we just love haikus). You need to be sure you’re registered and logged in — don’t post your comment as a guest otherwise we won’t be able to contact you if you win! We’ll be announcing winners by Friday the 21st, and no earlier than Wednesday the 19th. 

So get to it, eh?

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Dan Garcia

Would like to be there to party with the BEST! Haven’t missed one yet!

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Ducats for Ratty
Might soften his stoney heart
Friendlier forums.

Zac Altman

You NEED to have some international people at this party!! Aussie (short for Australian) here up for grabs.

John Molloy

God you are boring brad.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Haikus are 5-7-5, Ratty. Not just “6”. Notice that I didn’t try to ruin their party by nominating RonMacGuy.

Peter Waldo

the time is nigh
mac fanatics form large band
dem geeks do good

Bob LeVitus

Classic rock and roll
The band doesn’t suck too much
Good times are ahead

Robert in SF

I would love to come and meet some of the developers. I have met one or two at Evernote events, and think it would be cool to see them in a larger scope event.

Dave Hamilton

I speak in haiku
I bang on the drum all day
Yoda, I am not.


Ruin it?  Hey, I’m the life of the party!!  Plus, I could bring my trumpet and join the band!!  Better than having atheists there…

Dave Hamilton

Stay on topic please
And keep the comments friendly
Have fun and haiku!


I apologize
I retract my mean comment
But he started it!!



I would like to know
Do tickets include airfare
A long trip for me!!


I love Cirque du Mac
It was my first time last year
Need to go again!

(Crappy haiku, but a haiku nevertheless!)


20 years unable
To walk to attend Macworld.
Healing now, party please?


Couldn’t write a haiku to save my life but I sure do love to rock ‘n roll
And Dave Hamilton is the best drummer in the world !


I use Macintosh

It is not Windows PC

I am so joyful


Apple since 8-0
TMO since ought oh three
Beg for cirque du Mac!


only chance to escape
is the party that you make
oh please hook me up

Ndna Jnz

Macworld ‘eleven.
I want my Cirqu du Mac tix.
Let the good times roll!


I wanna party with the in-crowd. Come on pick me, pick me.


It’s a great party AND the band is awesome!! I’ll be there.


Music and the Schmooze
keeps in touch with the cool folks
if Boss lets me go


Life long Mac user finally gets to attend Macworld for the first time.
How better to start it off then with the best party of the year?


Me and my wife are coming from Ohio to go to MacWorld. I was lucky enough to go to Cirque Du Mac last year and it was a blast.  Just want my wife to see how great it is.  And she says that she will dance all night! smile and she is cute!


Haiku I do
Party for you and me too

Tickets needed bad….........


I wrote a haiku too in case previous entry didnt meet requirements

Get to Cirque Du Mac
Must find Double Rainbow’s end
But what does it mean?


May the ‘Cirque Be With You’... and hopefully me too!  Don’t just talk-the-talk, walk-the-talk, Baby!


Those are not android phones you are looking for and you will send me a ticket to the Cirque du Mac party.  Keep lookin up… MacYoda


Here’s my tweet regarding Cirque du Mac “@Scobleizer Ah ok. well enjoy Davos. I’m sure though the band at #macworld2011 will be better. #cirquedumacrocks!”


@Scobleizer Ah ok. well enjoy Davos. I’m sure though the band at #macworld2011 will be better. #cirquedumacrocks!


Just came back from CES and partied my tail off and I want to keep the party train going at MacWorld. Not to mention, I’ve recently purchased a Drobo FS for personal use and my start-up purchased one as well, so we’re Drobo lovers!

Got iMei?

I’d love to be invited to this after-party because my project Hips For Hire is all about visual and performance art, raising money for charitable organizations, and coaching artists to start artful small businesses. I love performance art of all kinds!


OK. Can’t write a haiku worth a dang, but my first computer was an Apple IIc and this is my first chance to go to Macworld. I’d love to celebrate the event!


Ok, its not haiku?.

Paul, Dave, Chris, Bryan, Bob, Duane and Chuck
Rocking fun at Cirque Du Mac
An invite would be good luck!


Macworld ‘11
Sounds like Heaven
Plan on going ‘til i’m ninety-seven!!

Dave Hamilton

We are beginning to pick (and notify) winners, but keep the comments coming. You never know—your next one might just get picked!


Cirque Du Mac first time
An evening of Angry Birds?
Rocking mayhem please


Ohio Cold Snow
Cirque Du Mac fun in the sun
May never come back


mouse batteries low
white snow covers the hillsides
ergo cirque du mac


not a chosen one
if at fist you don’t succeed
try Haiku again


Went last year!! awesome party wooohoooo wanna go again


Classic Rock music and great guys in the band whom I’ve known for some time now including the bassist I’ve known for over 20 years.  This is one rocking time I won’t want to miss!


I’m making my return to MacWorld after a 3 year absence! The last event that I attended was Cirque du Mac. Well, my feet were swollen and voice was thrashed after that party, so why not try it again!!!

I hope you pick me for the free tix. I’m packing my dancing shoes, just in case.

Dave Hamilton

All—we do still have a pair or two of tickets to give away, so all hope is not lost.

That said, please *do* make sure you “like” TMO on FaceBook in addition to posting in the comments here. Rules are, after all… rules! smile


I’m a newbie to MacWorld but heard YOU throw the best party! Would love to attend!


Already “liked” you,
So excited not too late,
Ready to party!


There’s always room for one more at the party!
Let me be the one so we all can have fun!

two tickets please, huh?
watch me go down in flames
what is a haiku?

if you can’t make it two, one is ok. but dammit i know imma end-up sleeping with a stranger. or the enemy. (what an imagination…)


c. sheen

(sincere thanks if you have any left-overs jjw)


Never heard from Dave,
But got a ticket elsewhere,
Danced nonstop—great drums!

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