Windows 10 Launches on July 29, Cozies up with iPhone

Microsoft Operating Systems Vice President Joe Belfiore promised tight iPhone integration with Windows 10, and now that could be only weeks away. The major PC operating system update is set for release on July 29, or a little over a month after Apple's annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

Windows 10 coming on July 29 with tight iPhone supportWindows 10 coming on July 29 with tight iPhone support

Windows 10 will include Cortana, Microsoft's voice control system that is often considered superior to Apple's Siri. It also includes new Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, Mail, People, and Calendar apps, all of which will tie into Microsoft's own iPhone apps. Microsoft plans to include Cortana support in its iPhone apps which may make them more enticing to users looking for more than Siri brings to the table.

Microsoft is making a big change in Windows pricing with the release of version 10: Windows 7 and 8 users can upgrade for free instead of sorting through a complicated pricing structure. That free price tag could be a big help in pushing PC users into upgrading—or at least to not pirate the operating system.

Apple is expected to show off planned features for the next version of OS X during its June 8 WWDC keynote. Whatever Apple does announce will no doubt get compared to Windows 10 features almost as quickly as they're revealed.

Microsoft hasn't said when the Windows 10 compatibility updates for its iPhone apps will be available, but it seems likely they'll show up on Apple's App Store by July 29.