Windows 10 Users Will Be Able to Watch Apple's September 9 Event

Previously, Apple events, as they were streamed, were restricted to OS X and Safari 6 or later, iOS 7 or later or the Apple TV. Now, Apple's September 9 event will also be available to Windows 10 users with the Microsoft Edge browser. Is this a change of heart by Apple? It seems not.

Good news from Apple's invitation.

The key here is a technology issue. Apple has been using an Internet technology called HTTP live streaming or HLS. The Apple devices listed above support that, but Windows and IE never have.

In Windows 10, Microsoft added HLS support to its Edge browser, and so that's why Apple's invitation mentions that system.

So now we know. It was never about artificial exclusivity. It was about technology. And that means that a lot more curious Windows 10 users will be able to watch without any additional hoops to jump through. (Thanks to The Verge for the HLS heads up.)

But now we have to wonder. Why the technical change of heart with Microsoft and Edge? That's probably not a political issue either. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has shown he wants Microsoft products to work and be of service on many different platforms. That means opening technical doors that were heretofore shut, even on his own systems.

We shall see on that score as well.