Windows 7 to Ship October 22nd, Disable Beta July 1st

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Windows 7Windows 7 will ship October 22nd, according to Microsoft spokespersons, who confirmed the news for InformationWeek. The timing will put Microsoft's Vista-killer on store shelves in time for the holiday shopping season, because what child doesn't want a new copy of Windows for Christmas?

Microsoft will also be launching a Vista-to-Windows 7 upgrade program. It will allow users who buy a new Vista system in advance of the Windows 7 release to upgrade to the new OS when it debuts.

For those running beta copies of Windows 7, Microsoft is planning on disabling it on July 1st of 2009.

Microsoft is hoping that Windows 7 can erase the stain that Vista became, an operating system that many Windows users stayed away from, despite its improved look and feel compared to Windows XP.

Vista also suffered from expectation management as it was originally billed as a complete overhaul of Windows, but turned into a much more modest update with a look and feel that many felt was resource intensive.

For its part, Apple is working on Snow Leopard, an update to Mac OS X 10.5 (likely to be designated 10.6) that focuses mostly on under-the-hood changes and ways to optimize usage of the multi-core processors that are now standard in Macs. Apple is expected to show developers more of Snow Leopard at next week's WWDC, and to release the OS later this year.

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They should just update ALL Vista to Win7 for free :>

in other news, if you needed to add an Arabic interface on Vista the solutions are:
1. Get the free LIP language file, but the Arabic LIP is missing, I can find Persian, Afrikan ... but not Arabic ...
2. Get the MUI ... which requires Ultimate, ya know, the $500 useless OS :/
3. Buy Vista (same edition u have) again ... but get the Arabic one?
4. Pirate .. arrrr
5. I found a hack smile

Lee Dronick

in other news, if you needed to add an Arabic interface on Vista the solutions are:

I don’t understand why MicroSoft doesn’t just sell two versions the way Apple does with OSX, a standard version and a server version.


or even just have a “regular” version and an enterprise license package for companies ...
Someone should make an “OS Hunters” ad wink

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