Withings Intros New Connected Scale, Health Tracker

Las Vegas -- Withings unveiled two new products in its personal health and fitness monitoring lineup at CES in Las Vegas on Sunday. The Smart Body Analyzer is a smart scale that tracks your weight, heart rate and air quality, and the Smart Activity Tracker logs your daily steps and other activities. Both connect wirelessly to your iPhone for quick data logging.

The Withings Smart Body Analyzer scaleThe Withings Smart Body Analyzer scale

The Smart Body Analyzer scale tracks your weight, heart rate and body fat, and it also monitors room temperature along with the air quality through carbon dioxide metering. Withings said the scale is intended for use in the bedroom to help users track air quality issues that can effect sleep patterns, breathing issues, and more.

The Smart Activity Tracker is a wearable pocket-sized monitor that tracks your daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned plus sleep patterns, and unlike other activity trackers, it also logs your pulse rate. It displays your activity data on an OLED touchscreen display, and can register differences between moderate and vigorous activity.

The Withings Fitbit-like Smart Activity TrackerThe Withings Fitbit-like Smart Activity Tracker

The Smart Activity Tracker includes a belt clip and armband, or can be carried in your pocket.

The Smart Body Analyzer and Smart Activity Tracker can be set up without a computer and pair with your iPhone or Android smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth. They both send data to the free Withings Health Mate App.

Withings said the Smart Body Analyzer scale will be available in the first quarter of 2013 and will be priced at US$149.95. A release date for the Smart Activity Tracker hasn't been announced yet.