Wizzard Media Launches 22 Podcast-Related Apps


Wizzard Media on Tuesday said it has added 22 more iPhone apps to the stable it manages at the App Store, bringing the total to 152. All of the new apps, which range in price from US$1.99 to $3.99 each, are related to podcasts distributed through the Wizzard Media Network, such as the gaming series UncleGamer Radio.

All of Wizzard’s podcast-related apps offer one-click access to podcast episodes, exclusive bonus content, and links to the shows’ presence on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking web sites.

Wizzard also announced that its third quarter of 2009 saw 12,281 podcast shows, 900,000 episodes, and 332 million downloads by its more than 18 million unique monthly audience members. It said that about 70 percent of its audience subscribes to podcasts through iTunes.