WSJ: Jobs Spearheading Apple Tablet

Apparently Apple CEO steve Jobs is hard at work on a tablet-type device now that he's back on the job. The charismatic leader even went so far as to offer a confirmation of sorts by telling the Wall Street Journal that many of the rumors surrounding the mythical device are wrong.

"Much of your information is incorrect," Mr. Jobs said in an email.

Unnamed sources claim that Mr. Jobs is involved in every detail of the tablet computer project, including advertising and marketing. The features and focus of the device, however, are still a big secret.

Another mystery surrounds when Apple's tablet will launch. Rumors have been circulating that Apple is planning a special media event in September where new iPods and possibly a tablet device will be announced. While a pre-holiday release would help boost sales, at this point it seems unlikely that Apple's tablet device is just around the corner -- especially since Mr. Jobs returned from a six month medical leave of absence at the end of June.

Apple could also decide to kill its tablet project before it is complete, and according to rumors the company has done just that with similar devices in the past. With Mr. Jobs's uncharacteristic email, however, the likelihood that a tablet-type device really is on the way seems much stronger now.