Workflow: It's Like Automator for your iPhone and iPad

Automating tasks on your Mac has been relatively easy thanks to Automator and AppleScript, but has little more than a fantasy on the iPhone and iPad—until now, that is. Workflow from DeskConnect lets you build your own automated workflows on your iOS device to handle all kinds of tasks, and you can even save your workflows so they appear along side other apps on your Home screen.

Want to automate actions on your iPhone or iPad? Workflow has you covered.Want to automate actions on your iPhone or iPad? Workflow has you covered.

Workflow includes more than 100 actions for working with your contacts and schedule, playing music, Maps, taking photos, sharing files via AirDrop, Dropbox and iCloud, and more. It also lets you share via social networks like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, plus you can make PDFs from Web pages in Safari.

The app supports iOS extensions, so you can use your workflows from the Sharing pane, too.

You build workflows with a drag-and-drop interface, much like Automator on your Mac, and the app includes several pre-built examples you can use right away. DeskConnect says it has plans to add even more functionality to Workflow soon.

Workflow is a universal app, so you can buy it once and run it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It's regularly priced at US$4.99, but is available for a limited time at $2.99.