Working Apple I (with Box) from First Batch of 50 to Be Auctioned

Auction Team Breker announced on Thursday that it will be auctioning the 46th Apple I computer made, making it one from the first batch of 50 units manufactured for The Byte Shop in 1976. The motherboard was signed by Steve Wozniak, and it comes with the original box, the original Apple software on casette, and the board has been mounted.

The auction will take place on November 16th in Germany.

Apple I

Apple I Lot up for Auction
(Click for a larger image - there's a huge version posted at Auction Team Breker)
Source: All Photos Courtesy of Auction Team Breker

This model has been in private hands for 30 years, and is frankly the best looking Apple I I've seen put up for auction. Auction Team Breker is estimating the value of the device at €250,000 - €400,000 (US$300,000 - $500,000), while at the same time touting the €500,000 ($670,000) auction for another working model (without the box) for another Apple I computer in May.

It's hard to see in the image above, but the motherboard was signed by Steve Wozniak. Auction Team Breker included a photograph of Mr. Wozniak signing the board and a photo of his signature on the box it came in.

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak Signs the Apple I

Speaking of those boxes, the auction house also included a photo of stacks of Apple I boxes in Steve Jobs's bedroom in his parents' Palo Alto home where Apple got its start. The Daily Mail reported that this photo is previously unpublished, and said that it may have been taken by Steve Jobs himself.

Steve Jobs's Bedroom

Those Aren't Pizza Boxes
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