OS X: Working with Pictures in Your Web Browser

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A lot of folks don’t know that right- or Control-clicking on an image on a webpage will bring up some interesting options for how you can manipulate it. For example, here’s what choices Safari will give you.

It’s pretty cool that you can add something to your iPhoto Library or set it as your desktop wallpaper right from that contextual menu. I use “Copy Image Address” and “Copy Image” a lot, too, but mostly just to send links and cat memes to my pals. As I do more often than is probably necessary.

Firefox has its own version of that handy-dandy little right-click menu, with a few different choices:

As does Chrome:

So no matter which browser you use on your Mac, you can easily save or copy the pictures you find. Oh, and just so you know, since Chrome and Firefox don’t have the nifty “Add Image to iPhoto Library” option, an easy way to do that in those programs is just to drag the picture down and drop it onto the iPhoto icon in your Dock:

No, I have no idea why I would be adding that rainbow Apple logo to my library in real life. Just pretend with me, wouldja?

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Perhaps the Author could mention and thus re-enforce that saving a Copyright Protected image is a no-no !


Melissa Holt

Good suggestion, Jai, but gosh, I hope that goes without saying! Don’t use or redistribute other people’s copyrighted photos without permission, folks.

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