World Clock Deluxe Updated for Changed Country Policies

MaBaSoft announced the immediate availability of World Clock Deluxe 4.5 on Monday. The update reflects a myriad of changed country policies on local time standards, daylight saving time and adds new time zones.

The list of changes in version 4.5 is as follows:

  • 190 cities in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Indonesia, Marshall Islands, Mexico, Mongolia, Portugal, Russia, Saint Barth?lemy, Saint Martin, Ukraine, United States, US Minor Outlying Islands and Uzbekistan have been added to the World Clock Deluxe database.
  • Five time zones have been added to the World Clock Deluxe database: Argentina Summer Time (ARST), Australia Central Western Standard Time (ACWST), Australia Central Western Daylight Time (ACWDT), Sakhalin Time (SAKT) and Sakhalin Summer Time (SAKST).
  • Venezuelais offset from UTC has been updated to - 4 h 30 min and the geographical coordinates of Havana, Cuba and Hobart, TAS, Australia have been corrected.
  • DST information has been updated for several countries. Argentina and Iran re-introduced daylight-saving time in 2008. South Australia, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania extended daylight-saving time which now starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the first Sunday in April. Brazil, Cuba, Egypt, Gaza Strip, Israel and Syria changed their DST start and/or end dates.
  • World Clock Deluxe now shows a progress window while it is updating cities, time zones and DST rules and, once the update is terminated, displays a detailed report of all changes.
  • Clocks in the Dock can now show weekday and date instead of city, time zone or alternate text. To display weekdays and dates in the Dock, configure clocks so that they show weekday and date and hide city, time zone and alternate text.
  • A bug that caused menu bar shortcuts to be active despite the Dock icon was hidden and World Clock Deluxe had no menu bar has been fixed.

World Clock Deluxe 4.5 is a Universal Application, requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later and is priced at US$19.00. The update is free.