WSJ: New iPhone Really Will Have a Fingerprint Scanner

Apple will be hosting a special media event Tuesday morning where it is expected to unveil new iPhone models. Rumors have been circulating that one of the new features will be a fingerprint sensor built into the Home button, and now the Wall Street Journal is chiming in with its own version of "yep."

The iPhone 5S may include a fingerprint scannerSources speaking with the publication said the fingerprint scanner will be included in the iPhone 5S, which will be the top-of-the-line replacement for the current iPhone 5. The brand new mid-range model, the iPhone 5C, won't include the scanner and is expected to essentially be the current iPhone 5 with a colored plastic back.

Assuming Apple does include a fingerprint sensor in the new iPhone, it could help breathe new life into the consumer level biometric security market. So far, using fingerprints as a security measure instead of passwords hasn't gone mainstream, but with Apple throwing its weight behind the technology it could take off in a new way.

Apple has a track record for driving adoption of new technologies and designs. USB, for example, couldn't get a serious foothold in the computer market until Apple dropped its ADB ports in favor of the technology. Other PC makers followed suit by adding USB to their computers, too.

If the new iPhone really does include a fingerprint scanner, it'll most likely be more reliable than similar tech that's already available on some laptops. If so, other electronics makers will no doubt dissect Apple's technology and try to replicate it to improve their own products, or at least take some inspiration from Apple's design.

Apple hasn't officially announced new iPhone models yet, or what features those phones may include. The company's media event is set to start at 1PM Eastern time (10AM Pacific), so be sure to check in with The Mac Observer for our coverage and analysis.

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