WSJ: Apple Prepping CDMA iPhone for Verizon for Summer, 2010

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Apple is working on a CDMA version of its iPhone smartphone for Verizon to carry, according to The Wall Street Journal. The newspaper said that Apple is intending for it to be released this Summer, along with a new version of the GSM-based model for AT&T and the other GSM-based networks that carry the device around the world.

CDMA is a “3G” wireless protocol competing with GSM, the protocol used by AT&T. Verizon’s CDMA network is slower than AT&T’s GSM network, and it doesn’t allow for simultaneous data and voice connections, nor does Verizon support one of the iPhone’s key phone features, visual voicemail.

There have long been rumors of a CDMA version of the device, but all of those rumors have so far come up short when it came time for Apple to introduce upgrades for the iPhone. The company has had an exclusive deal with AT&T in the U.S., and it’s possible that Apple has simply been waiting for that deal to expire before launching a deal with Verizon.

Be that as it may, Hon Hai Precision is the reported producer of this iPhone — Hon Hai is a Taiwanese company that has produced many of Apple’s devices in the past, including some of Apple’s iPhones.

While none of the other named parties commented for the story, an unnamed AT&T spokesperson told the newspaper, “There has been lots of incorrect speculation on CDMA iPhones for a long time. We haven’t seen one yet and only Apple knows when that might occur.”

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Visual Voicemail is supported by CDMA smartphones on the Verizon Wireless network. I know many people that have it. Also, real world speeds differ from lab speeds and in the real world you need to get a signal before you can take advantage of a speedy network—- assumign the speedy network isn’t slowed down because its jammed with too many users.


> Hon Hai is a Taiwanese company that has produced many of
> Apple?s devices in the past, including some of Apple?s
> iPhones.
I thought *EVER* iPhone was made by Fox Conn.


How can I tell if I got a “Hon Hai” iPhone in my hand?


Re: Donna


Foxconn (???) is the trade name of the Taiwan based firm Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

Andrew Thompson

Wow, the second paragraph is a horrible misconception of CDMA.  In fact, the fastest mobile internet provided by AT&T and others is just an adaptation of CDMA, because it turned out from a technological standpoint that TDMA (which is what GSM uses) couldn’t go fast enough.

Also, visual voicemail has nothing to do with CDMA, it can be built on top of any wireless technology, including Verizon’s, if that’s what they decide to do.

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks, Andrew. I edited that paragraph for better clarity.

Lee Dronick

Well we will see. A new iPhone is probably in the works and would probably be released this summer.

Andrew Thompson

Wow, very responsive of you.


I’d be really disappointed if it was a separate version for verison and not a combination GSM/CMDA phone. I travel overseas quite a bit and need something that would work.

It’d be nice to get a better network on my iPhone, but not at the expense of overseas compatibility.

Paul Johnson

This is just more Verizon disinformation, designed to stop the bleeding.  How many times have we seen this rumor before?

John Martellaro

Hope springs anew re: my bet with the the readers.

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