WSJ: Apple to Release Tablet in March for $1,000 (Maybe Including WiFi)

Apple is planning to announce its long-rumored tablet in January, but will not be releasing it until March, according to The Wall Street Journal. Citing sources who claim to have been briefed on the device by Apple, the newspaper reported that it will be priced at $1,000, come with a 10 - to - 11 inch screen, and that the price might include a nationwide WiFi subscription.

The Journal's sources also said that Apple was testing two different finishes, but it is unclear if this means Apple is working on multiple versions or trying to pick between the two.

Rumors of an Apple tablet device have swirled hot and heavy for more than a year now, with the latest reports saying that Apple will announce the device during a media event in late January of this year. Apple has yet to announce that media event, nor has it acknowledged that it is working on a tablet device.

Today's report from The Journal bring together several recurring themes in tablet leaks, speculation, and rumors, including the 10 inch (plus) screen, the price tag of $1,000, and the January time frame for an announcement. This is one of the first reports we've seen that said the purchase price might include a WiFi subscription, and it's among the first to pinpoint March as the release date.