WSJ: iPhone mini in the Works

Apple is apparently working on a new iPhone model that’s about half the size of the current iPhone 4 with a price point to match. The new report comes courtesy of the Wall Street Journal and echos a similar report last week from Bloomberg.

The smaller iPhone model, according to unnamed sources, is “N97,” which could be an insider jab at Nokia and its N97 smartphone. The entire front surface of the phone will make up the display, it will be thinner and lighter than current iPhone models, and it will sport voice-based navigation controls.

Apple may put the iPhone on a diet

Based on the limited information available, it’s unclear whether or not the rumored smaller iPhone will include a Home button, or exactly what size the display will be. A display that’s smaller than the current iPhone, however, doesn’t seem very likely since that could potentially force developers to code for three screen sizes: the iPhone, iPad and the new iPhone mini.

Apple isn’t commenting on the iPhone mini rumors, but the timing of the WSJ report coincides with the Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona. A well-timed leak from Apple to the WSJ would help keep the company in the spotlight even though it isn’t represented at the mobile device event.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5 this summer.