Xiaomi's MacBook Air Lookalike Outdoes Samsung's Copy Tactics

Xiaomi, like Samsung, has a reputation for copying the look of Apple products, and its first effort at making a laptop outdoes even Samsung's efforts. Aside from an orange logo, Xiaomi's laptop is a dead ringer for the MacBook Air.

Xiaomi's new MacBook Air, er, laptopXiaomi's new MacBook Air, er, laptop

Xiaomi has been called China's Apple, and the company's founder even dresses like Steve Jobs. That title comes not from Xiaomi's innovation, but from its efforts to mimic everything Apple.

It's Android-based smartphones look strikingly similar to the iPhone, and the company even made its own interface to match iOS, according to Gizmochina.

Xiaomi's version of the MacBook Air will run a customized version of Linux on Intel's Haswell i7-4500u processor, and will cost about US$480. There isn't any word yet on exactly when it will ship, but when it does you can expect China shoppers to snap it up because they'll get the Apple look without the Apple price.