Yosemite: Using Spotlight for Conversions

As you may know, we’ve long been able to do a ton of neat stuff with Spotlight beyond searching for files. For example, just by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper-right corner of our screens (or by pressing the keyboard shortcut Command-Spacebar), we can do math:

…define words:

…and with Yosemite, we can even get Web results. See the “Bing Search” category in my screenshot above? That’s neat! (Would it be unprofessional if I said “LOL, Bing” here?)

Um, anyway…one of my favorite upgrades that Spotlight’s gotten under Yosemite is that it’s now possible to do conversions of many different types, from currency to cooking. For example, if you type in a dollar amount, you’ll get results like these:

You can do the same thing with different currency, as well. 

Some other conversions available are temperature (by typing in something like “85F” or “650K”); weight (“540oz,” “25kg,” or “23 stone”); and measurement (“54yd” or “567mm”). If there’s a specific conversion you’re looking for, you can try typing that in instead (e.g., “6yd to cm”). Note that this works with either abbreviations like the ones I’ve used above or with the typed-out words.

I personally really like being able to convert recipe measurements, too!

You may not have known that you needed to know how many cups there are in 22 tablespoons, but now you know. And that’s great, you know?