YouTube Video Condenses iPad Keynote to a Beautiful, Amazing, Simple 180 Seconds

Neil Curtis has posted a video on YouTube that condenses Apple's iPad media event presentation down to a 180 second clip. What's left when you cut out the rest is a series of superlatives such as "amazing," "simple," "beautiful," "easy," "gorgeous," and the like.

In a preface, Mr. Curtis wrote the video is, "the sum of the most important words spoken there. I assure you that no scene is repeated, and that everything was said [during] this keynote."

While many have already pointed to this video as merely being something amusing, we'll suggest that it makes for a fantastic study on the ways in which Apple (through CEO Steve Jobs and his executives) uses language to sell its vision and to establish its brand as a lifestyle.

Far from being merely an unimaginative and repetitive chant, this video shows Apple working to position the iPad (in this case) as more than just an electronic device, but rather as a device worthy of the language of art.

Whether you buy into that concept is another issue.

iPad Keynote in less than 180 Seconds: Incredible, Beautiful, Amazing!