1986: Siskel and Ebert Review Apple TV Ads

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The legendary movie critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, back in the days when the team was reviewing movies, didn't like every movie they saw. But they liked every Apple TV ad that they presented and analyzed at this special Apple event.  It was interesting to see how they applied their analysis techniques to the Apple ads: the music, the visuals, the writing and storyline, the elements of inspiration, and the Apple branding. The Apple ads came through with flying colors.


Check It Out: 1986: Siskel and Ebert Review Apple TV Ads

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Why do we not have these 2 guys reviewing adverts today?
OK, they are dead. So sad.

This demonstrates that Apple ads have NOT CHANGED over 30+ years.


Yeah it’s amazing to think that they’re both gone.
I’m feeling old all of a sudden.

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