1Password 4 for Mac Has Separate Vaults, a MIni App, More

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1Password is one of those apps that changed things so dramatically for me that it's hard to imagine how we got by before, which is why I am excited that AgileBits released 1Password 4 for the Mac on Wednesday. 1Password is a password and login keeper that works via browser plugins in the major browsers. Better yet, if you store your database on Apple's iCloud (MAS version only) or DropBox, you can sync your passwords on all of your Macs and iOS devices. It's insanely useful. The new version comes with a new interface and a handy-dandy mini app you can access from your Mac's menu bar. You can also have separate vaults, and it works with Mavericks out of the box, plus a lot more that's new. It's $39.99 for a new license. Upgrades from 1Password 3 are free if you bought it in 2013 (and free, period, through the MAS), otherwise they're $24.99.


Check It Out: 1Password 4 for Mac Has Separate Vaults, a MIni App, More

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What happened to all the comments? There were at least 19 the other day.

Bryan Chaffin

On this article? I don’t recall any, and I don’t have any notifications in my in-box. Was it perhaps a different article?


Hi Bryan, I messed up. Sorry for the comment.

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