8 Great Tips for Managing Podcasts in iTunes 11.1

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iTunes 11.1 introduced some huge changes, specifically with regards to podcasts. You may not realize it, but podcasts are now synced with your iOS devices (and Apple TVs updated to Version 6) and that means iTunes manages things VERY differently. From sorting to deleting, nearly all of it has changed. We'll be talking more about that on our upcoming Mac Geek Gab this Sunday, and likely writing some more tips, too, but for now there's a great post at Apple's Support Forums with some good tips to get you started. Hopefully this helps! 

Check It Out: 8 Great Tips for Managing Podcasts in iTunes 11.1

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Paul Goodwin

Sort of off topic: Unfortunately, when you upgrade to iOS 7, you must upgrade iTunes to 11.1 in order to sync. I detest iTunes 11.x because of the great things that Apple deleted that were in iTunes 10.7. Especially multiple window support. I went back to iTunes 10.7 so I can manage multiple song lists on the big screens we have. ITunes 11 requires constant right mousing and scrolling, and you can’t drag and drop from your library to a playlist in a separate window. A ridiculous human interface to a once great tool.

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