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Check out this cool backpack, the MCP3401 SLIM Backpack from Cocoon. This thing has a pocket for everything, including one for an iPad and another for your 15-inch MacBook Pro. As you can see in the image, that leaves room for slots for your DJ mixing board, some 5-hour Energy, chargers, and a lot more. The backpack does it all with a depth of only 3.5-inches—and that's when it's full. It has a water resistant exterior, waterproof zippers, and uses gunmetal hardware. It's priced at $79.99. Cool, right? You can thank TMO member mrmwebmax for letting us know after he saw it at Wired.


Check It Out: A Backpack for Gadget Lovers

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John Dingler, artist

Hi Bryan,
Cool, yes, but I don’t carry much of that or anything on my 30 mi bike rides. I would love to carry the new iPad, however, so that I can write stuff at coffee shops and on trails, but not in backpacks. For this, I would want a carrying case that attached to hang off of the top tube and then the front bottom corner fastens to the down tube to prevent sway.

I found only one manufacturer that makes a suitable case

< http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-H0sR8d-ABeY/TkXgsL36NyI/AAAAAAAACBI/Sls50uvxB8g/s640/fahrer-berlin-agent-ipad-case-1.jpeg >

but it’s in Germany and charges €139.00 +shipping, too much for a case. Nothing domestic so I see a business opportunity but that’s not my field.

Bryan Chaffin

That’s very clever, John. I take it you didn’t purchase it? If you did, I’d love to hear your thoughts on practical usage (I can see it swinging and getting in the way).

John Dingler, artist

Hi Bryan,
Yes, it’s too much for my wallet. I am looking for a case that has a zipper, designed for a small laptop, but they don’t have straps. If we can somehow attach two velcro straps on the top to secure it to the top tube and a velcro strap on the bottom front corner to secure it to the down tube, I believe we can prevent the swing. So far, we have not found any cases of the right size.

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