Airo Wristband Tracks Fitness, Calories

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Airo Health is working on giving us even more information about our lifestyles and fitness with its Airo health monitor wristband. The Airo tracks the usual steps and sleep patterns like other fitness trackers, but also adds automated calorie tracking and stress monitoring. It uses a built-in spectrometer to track your heart rate and can even track the quality of the food you eat without manually logging your meals. It also sends messages to your iPhone to let you know when your stress level is getting too high, or when you need some extra exercise. The Airo will ship next fall and is available for pre-order now for US$149.


Check It Out: Airo Wristband Tracks Fitness, Calories

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Sounds too good to be true! Spectrometer(!) to measure calories and food quality? Uh, really?!

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