An iPod Classic Visualized as a Vinyl LP Collection

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"It's about the music, stupid," Steve Jobs once said (channeling Bill Clinton). He was talking about the iPod at the time, but for many people that's just as true for the iPhone. A site called has put up a nifty (somewhat-)interactive graphic that visualizes what the music on a 160GB iPod classic would look like as a vinyl LP collection. It's pretty darned cool, at least to those of us old enough to remember the hassles of managing vinyl. We have a teaser image in the standalone article, or you click right on through in the link above. Check it out!


Check It Out: An iPod Classic Visualized as a Vinyl LP Collection

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Stephen Swift

It doesn’t say on the webpage, but I think this works out to about 50 feet tall.  Crikey!


Clearly these are not vinyl people. If they were, they wouldn’t just repeat a dozen or so albums over and over again, they would all be in plastic sleeves to protect the covers and for cripes sake they would never EVER stack them!

You place them upright on edge, with the spines out so you can read the titles, in alphabetical order (by artist unless it’s a compilation, and NO, you won’t find Jethro Tull in the “T” section, what’s wrong with you?)

Lee Dronick

Yes, the hassle of managing vinyl, storing them, adjusting the stylus arm on the phonograph. Snap, crackle, pop, warp drives. I don’t miss that stuff.

As to the sound, I prefer listening to live music, but otherwise digital “beats” vinyl.


A stack of CD’s, in cases, would be even taller. But what would they weigh?

Could those polar bears be listening to Seal?


Or 894,375 feet of cassette tape.

@ibuck: With jewel cases… 834.75 lbs.

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