Another (Small) Step Closer to Invisibility Cloaks

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Researchers at the University of Texas have taken us one step closer to invisibility.  A team created a 0.15mm-thin sheet that can hide a 7-inch tall cylinder...from microwaves. Yeah, that's not as useful as hiding something from visible light, but it's still super awesome cool. What's even more interesting is that the invisibility "cloak" is made from copper and polycarbonate, and as ExtremeTech explains, that's much different from the metamaterials (materials with properties that can’t be found in nature) used in previously announced invisibility cloaks. 


Check It Out: Another (Small) Step Closer to Invisibility Cloaks

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So if I put this thing in the microwave oven, whatever is inside it won’t get cooked?  And the copper in the cloak itself won’t ignite?

Bryan Chaffin

Oooohhhh…good questions. Seems like that could have defense applications if so (as we get closer to microwave weapons being a reality, too).


I don’t see what this has to do with ‘invisibility.’  Any object that did not reflect light would appear to the eyes as pure black, thus would not be invisible.  This material would be useful as the see-though replacement on microwave ovens,  or as a screen to deaden radar reflections on military vehicles.  I guess you could say the vehicles would be ‘invisible’ to radar, but that’s about it.

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