Apple CEO Tim Cook and Michael Franti Take the Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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I don't know what's better about this video, Apple CEO Tim Cook having a bucket of ice poured over his head or the live soundtrack of Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby." It's all part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a fundraising effort to fight ALS (a.k.a. Lou Gehrig's Disease). Famous folks have been challenging each other to either submit to a bucket of ice water or donate money to the ALS Association. At a recent Beer bash on the Apple campus, Michael Franti was performing when he mentioned that Phil Schiller had challenged Tim Cook. Mr. Cook asked the crowd of Apple employees which he should do, get dunked or pay up. He then said he was doing both, because he's awesome like that, and got dunked by Mr. Franti (who sang Ice Ice Baby"). Mr. Cook also publicly challenged Dr. Dre, Disney CEO Bob Iger, and Michael Franti, the latter of which was dunked by Mr. Cook on the spot. Apple posted the video to its YouTube channel, and it's a great watch. Mr. Cook's expression in the frame i captured is priceless.


Check It Out: Apple CEO Tim Cook and Michael Franti Take the Ice Bucket Challenge (Video)

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Lee Dronick

  At a recent Beer bash on the Apple campus

Served at the inhouse Genious Bar?


Tim’s the man. He and all.
No way I could do that. Hot showers from a bucket I would stand.
Ice in my whiskey is the closest to cold I ever want to be.


Great to see these guys having fun for such a worthy cause.

It also epitomises the practice of leading by example, whilst embracing the absurd. This speaks volumes about the man’s character.



Way to go Tim Cook! As for the challenge itself, during the last several weeks it has raised more than $13 million for ALS:

That’s amazing.

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