Apple Features ‘Actual Size’ iPhone 6/Plus in Rolling Stone Ad

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On the back cover of the latest issue of Rolling Stone magazine* is an ad for the new iPhone models. It's labeled "Actual Sizes," showing off how big the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus actually are. I took a photo of the ad with my iPhone 5s next to it, also shown actual size (compared to the other two). I'm not sure where else the ad will be appearing, but with nearly 1.5 million subscribers, that's a lot of people who could be getting a good look at the new devices for the first time. Clever move to make them actual size, the first thing I did was set my phone on each one for comparison. Well played, Apple.

* Magazines are like blogs from the olden days, printed on paper and mailed to people.


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I’ve always thought that the giant phones were just too big - especially silly looking when held up to someone’s face. However, considering that I’m getting a bit older and, hence, my eyesight is getting worse, I think I’d appreciate not having to squint at the 4” screen that my iPhone 5 has. Also, since I’m really big guy, the iPhone 6 Plus wouldn’t look quite so ridiculous in my paws or up against my head, so I think people would be less inclined to point and laugh at me using it so. On top of that, how often do we really use phones with them pressed up to our face, nowadays, anyhow? Who am I kidding? I just want to get the iPhone 6 Plus because of the novelty factor, more than anything else. The above excuses are just helping me rationalize the idea of paying to upgrade. I’ll still need to talk it over with my financial Manager. ‘Hey, Honey…!’

Lee Dronick

MOSix Man, it sounds like you are “Computing with Bifocals” smile

Unless it is a short call I am wanting to use a Bluetooth device or the supplied ear buds and microphone.

Kelly Guimont

I call that “Old Man Face”, it’s what my granddad used to do if he was trying to read a menu or something without his glasses. I’m convinced that was a huge influencer in *everybody* making bigger phones.

@MOSiX Man, good luck on the upgrade! smile

@Lee, I saw a piece from Dan Frakes over at Six Colors about how he got a Plus because he realized he didn’t really use it as a “phone” anymore, so the calling wasn’t a big deal since he has a headset or headphones all the time anyway.

Rick Truell

“* Magazines are like blogs from the olden days, printed on paper and mailed to people.”

Mailed? What’s that?



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