Apple IIGS 'Dual Minds' Commercial (1986)

The Apple IIGS was an amazingly powerful computer for its time. Technically the 5th evolutionary step in the Apple ][ product line, the Apple IIGS had a 16-bit processor and a color graphical user interface (that was not the Mac interface, which was still grayscale in 1986 when the IIGS was released. All of which made it cool, and Apple advertised it with the very cool ad below. Called "Dual Minds," the commercial was intended to show that the IIGS was good for both right-brain tasks like math and left-brain tasks like art. In this video posted to YouTube by EverAppleAd, you'll see the ad and a presentation on how the ad was made. Very cool stuff.


Check It Out: Apple IIGS 'Dual Minds' Commercial (1986)