Apple Offers Robin Williams iTunes Tribute for Movies

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Apple has posted a tribute to Robin Williams in the iTunes Store, one day after the tragic death of the comedian. The company has gathered 23 comedies and 16 dramas , from the World According to Garp, to Mrs. Doubtfire, to The Birdcage (one of my personal faves), to Popeye, most of the actors work is represented. Missing (that I noticed) is Mork and Mindy, the sitcom where he made a national name for himself. Season 1 of The Crazy Ones, his most recent show, which was canceled in May, is available, as is a live performance. I've seen a few comments suggesting Apple is "cashing in" by posting this tribute (thanks to @Rich_DS for the heads up), and that might be the silliest thing i've seen said about Apple in recent memory, and that's saying something. Companies offer tributes on the death of a popular music artist or actor all the time, and people like to remember those who have died. More importantly, the idea that the $200,000 to $1 million extra Apple could conceivably net from this tribute would matter to the company is absurd. If Apple had jacked up the price on Mr. Williams's movies, one might have a complaint (I saw a record store do that once). As it is, I would encourage anyone whingining about this to take some time out and re-examine their priorities.


Check It Out: Apple Offers Robin Williams iTunes Tribute for Movies

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An incredible talent, and It was terrible news that he is now gone. One thing people don’t necessarily connect with Robin Williams but are some of my favorite memories of him was his work on Comic Relief with Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal. Rest in peace, Robin.


I cannot recommend highly enough his film Seize the Day. It’s based on a Saul Bellow story, and I think it is far and away Mr. Williams’ best work. Only $5.99 to buy, and $2.99 to rent.

Bart B

I have to say I’m very much in two minds about this. I certainly don’t think describing this as cashing in is the stupidest thing every said - there has been a LOT of stupid!

I have to say this kind of thing triggers my ick sense. The Williams estate will be a crumb of all these extra sales, but the big studios will get the bulk of the money.

But, I can also see that putting the movies people will be thinking of front and centre is very helpful for customers, which is no bad thing.

The fact that there is no price hike makes a big difference. With a price hike it would be an open-and-shut case - Apple would be behaving like pond scum. As-is, I’m neutral about it. I can see the utility, but, I find it a distasteful choice for a tribute. If Apple really cared, they’d use their home page to pay hommage (as they have done before), and not mix tribute and advertisement together.


Bart: Apple DOES have a tribute to Robin on their homepage.

Bryan: you tell ‘em! I’d use the word “therapy”, but maybe you are nicer than me? wink

PS- interesting British alternate to the usual spelling of “whining”, “whinging”? I didn’t know you were such an Anglophile, did you! wink

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