Apple Rolls New Commercial “Designed by Apple in California”

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Apple launched a new commercial called "Designed by Apple in California." The ad touts both the role of Apple's operations in Cupertino, California, and the message that the company, "spends a lot of time on a few great things. Until every idea we touch enhances each life it touches." This is a message Apple CEO Tim Cook has been emphasizing in recent interviews, especially when asked about making cheap iPhones to gain market share. It's a touchy-feely ad that doesn't tout devices or features, but rather delivers the philosophy that drives the company. In a climate with lots of smack-talking aimed at Apple, it's a nice, subtle counter-argument. We should also note that it's not aimed at the echo chamber, making said echo chamber's opinion of the ad—for good or for ill—moot.


Check It Out: Apple Rolls New Commercial “Designed by Apple in California”

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Apple perfected outsourcing.  MADE IN CHINA.

Lee Dronick

Son, Apple didn’t perfect it and they are hardly alone in it. However, they are bringing it back.


“Does it deserve to exist?”


It really is a good ad…doesn’t even feel like a 60 second ad. And you’re right, Bryan, it’s a not for the echo chamber. It couldn’t care less about the echo chamber. Personally I prefer the other ad on this theme, the one targeted at Apple. It’s got this weird vibe to it, like it’s giving permission to aim higher. They’re both very nice pieces of work.


Now this is a really good ad. It’s what Apple is all about: making great products that people USE. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve supported Apple products for almost 35 years (never thought I’d get this old wink ) I would have loved to see an ad like this around ‘92 (or so) when all we heard at Macworld (expo) that our computer of choice was “doomed”, again….
Hope to see more from Tim Cook and Jon Ivy.

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