Apple’s 1984 ‘Blue Busters’ Marketing Video in Full

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When it comes to Apple lore, 1984 is best known for Apple's 1984 Super Bowl commercial, but the company also produced the gem below for its annual sales meeting held in Hawaii. Called Blue Busters, the video is a takeoff of the hit movie Ghostbusters with an Apple-oriented remake of the song by Ray Parker, the artist who recorded the titular Ghostbusters song. Apple's Blue Busters harkens to a time when IBM was the Big Bad and the Cupertino was trying to get Apple II, Lisa, and now Mac computers into businesses. Note the Macs on the Blue Busters' backs. Good times... [Via Wired]

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All that comes to my mind is ... Yikes!

Michael MacTex

This is less than half the length of the full video which can be seen (if you dare) on YouTube. Steve Jobs makes his appearance after Wozniak in the full video.

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