Apple’s Gold iPhone 5s vs. Slo-Mo Drop Tests and a 50 Cal Rifle

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iPhone drop tests are nothing new, but the folks at RatedRR posted a great video of Apple's new iPhone 5s (gold) being drop tested (twice, it passed one, failed the other), dropped in water (shockingly, it passed), and then shot (twice) with a 50 caliber rifle. OK, that last one was no contest, but it's in slow motion, and everyone knows that things being shot in slow motion makes for fun watching. Check it out. The images of the iPhone after it was shot the second time are interesting.


Check It Out: Apple’s Gold iPhone 5s vs. Slo-Mo Drop Tests and a 50 Cal Rifle

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Imagine all those folks who were so desperate for the Gold 5s watching this ?

LOL :-(

Lee Dronick

Furbies, I wonder if this is the guy that paid $10,000 for a gold iPhone smile


What a [expletive deleted]. You can go back o your trailer now, your sister-cousin is waiting for you. Please don’t make any more babies…


hoomee, is it really necessary to hurl insults ?


While not a gun owner, I do love watching 12.7mm rifles in action.


I’d love to see Adam & Jamie do this….

Imagine the number of 5s iPhones they’d go through getting it right….

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