Apple's 'Making the All-New Mac Pro' Video Is a Must-Watch

I know I have Mac Pro-on-the-brain, but I can't help it, and the Making the All-New Mac Pro video is only making it worse. Apple debuted the video during Tuesday's iPad and Mac media event, but the company posted it to YouTube on Wednesday. As the name implies, it's a look at how this beautiful beast is manufactured, and it shows the many robots involved, as well as the workers who put it together. It's like an episode of How It's Made, but everything is pretty. Note, BTW, how Apple polishes the aluminum tube that is the outer case to a mirror-like finish before it then primers it and paints it matte black. This is one of those little touches that Apple pays attention to even though no one sees it. Also, count me in as one of those people who would love an unpainted version. I bet there will be stripping services available before Apple even ships the new Mac Pro in December.

Check It Out: Apple's 'Making the All-New Mac Pro' Video Is a Must-Watch