Apple’s ‘Making the All-New Mac Pro’ Video Is a Must-Watch

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I know I have Mac Pro-on-the-brain, but I can't help it, and the Making the All-New Mac Pro video is only making it worse. Apple debuted the video during Tuesday's iPad and Mac media event, but the company posted it to YouTube on Wednesday. As the name implies, it's a look at how this beautiful beast is manufactured, and it shows the many robots involved, as well as the workers who put it together. It's like an episode of How It's Made, but everything is pretty. Note, BTW, how Apple polishes the aluminum tube that is the outer case to a mirror-like finish before it then primers it and paints it matte black. This is one of those little touches that Apple pays attention to even though no one sees it. Also, count me in as one of those people who would love an unpainted version. I bet there will be stripping services available before Apple even ships the new Mac Pro in December.


Check It Out: Apple’s ‘Making the All-New Mac Pro’ Video Is a Must-Watch

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Ricky Spero

> “Note, BTW, how Apple polishes the aluminum tube that is the outer case to a mirror-like finish before it then primers it and paints it matte black.”

I haven’t seen one in person yet, and they don’t say anything on the site, but if I know Johnny, it’s annodized, not painted. That means that the surface you see before it comes out black *is* the polished aluminum surface that you saw before, just in a different color. I don’t know a lot about anodizing, but maybe that blue goop is a solution with the anodizing dye?

Does anyone understand that first step, where they puts the aluminum blank into a hole? It almost looks like a press—taking a huge piston and literally squishing an aluminum brick to turn it into a tube.


The first step is similar to how high-pressure tanks are made.  Here’s a link to a great “How it’s Made” video showing the process.  They’re using steel so there’s more pressing involved, whereas with aluminium being a much softer metal, it takes much less force to form the cylinder.


Atomic Delights posted a very informative article on the processes displayed in this video, including anodization (you’re not stripping that black color off, chief) and the stamping process used to create the cylinder. Check it out at:


I agree with tmo, this video was the dog’s bollix.

Indeed, it is indeed metal still, not painted.
The blue goo probably stiffens a bit and protects the surface in subsequent handling. (But must come off for the anodizing of course.)

I’m also amazed at the force needed to just *squeeze* block of alu in to a cylinder like that! I blogged it:
(cool animated gif too.)


It’s definitely anodized. What’s impressive is the buffing. It’s easy to buff steel or brass into mirror-like finish but it’s very tough with aluminum. They always end up looking somewhat cloudy and milky.

Unfortunately the anodizing means the Mac Pro would scuff like the iPhone 5. Case makers need to start working on solutions for the MacPro!


There must be something wrong with me, because I had the opposite reaction to this video. To me it’s like “Wow, all that effort, and you made an aluminum tube. Not impressed.” I’d rather the Pro cost $1000 less and came in a plastic enclosure. Or a cardboard box. Also, my assumption is that all the guts are made in other countries. Americans can’t make anything more complicated than aluminum tubes? It’s a bit sad.



After watching this, my resolve is further weakening. I have got to get one of these. I don’t need it. But I want it. Now. Multiple screens. I want my study to look like NASA mission control. Or Tony Stark’s basement. I don’t care which. I must reassert self control, though if this slide continues, nothing short of a Vulcan mind meld will stop me.

graxspoo: Global production is a reality that is here to stay. Multiple countries and economies and peoples benefiting from a single device is not a bad thing. It lifts the global community and the deepening ties lend stability to an otherwise chaotic world that is fodder to extremism if left to flounder. I see this almost everyday first hand. I should think that most Americans would be pleased that Apple is relocating some of its production operations back to the USA.


I am happy that Apple is making an effort to bring manufacturing back to the US. No doubt. I’m just not overly impressed by shiny aluminum tubes. The video states that Apple had to invent some entirely new manufacturing process. I wish they would have mentioned what it was. BTW, I’m a big fan of that show “How It’s Made.” So maybe I’m just jaded.
Also, why no FireWire? You’d think with six TB ports they could have stuck at least a couple of FW ports on there. I hate how Apple abandons technologies that it once championed.

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