Apple’s ‘Plastic Perfected’ iPhone 5c Commercial Evoke Early iMac Ads

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Apple is running another new iPhone commercial. It's called "Plastic Perfected," and it's promoting the iPhone 5c. There's no voice over, and the soundtrack for the commercial is a song called "Rill Rill" by Sleigh Bells (though it's an alternate mix from the album version). Visually, the commercial features (computer generated) liquid plastic in several colors being poured into the shape of an iPhone 5c. It's very reminiscent of some of the early iMac commercials that features iMacs swirling around the screen. That, combined with the great music makes for a very compelling ad.


Check It Out: Apple’s ‘Plastic Perfected’ iPhone 5c Commercial Evoke Early iMac Ads

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Agreed.  An Apple ad worthy of being called an Apple ad.

It says nothing, but the flow of it coupled with the music leaves you with a good feeling that somehow manages to convey quality.


I love the ad! It’s a welcomed break from some of the recent sappy commercials Apple has put out.

Paul Goodwin

Cool ad. I liked it too. They should make another one showing how strong that plastic really is. It’s steel reinforced polycarbonate that’s hard enough (like the lexan that it is) to be machined. Use it like that pickup truck ad that pulls the Boing 777, or throw it against the wall. Music - Something So Strong by Crowded House.

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