Apple’s Posts iPad Air ‘Pencil’ Commercial That’s Poetic and Poignant

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Apple has released a commercial for the brand new iPad Air that was announced during Tuesday's "We still have a lot to cover" media event. Titled Pencil, the spot poignantly and poetically makes the point that the iPad Air is thin. I don't want to say too much more about it lest i spoil the reveal, but I did want to say that I think it's a great commercial.


Check It Out: Apple’s Posts iPad Air ‘Pencil’ Commercial That’s Poetic and Poignant

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Again, I agree. Excellent.

I’d guessed early that there was an iPad behind the pencil. But of course I had an advantage over a TV audience!


Beautiful, but…. Does it take too long before the ipad is revealed? Makes me think of the flexibility, robustness and affordability of the pencil i almost never use anymore. .


You’re probably right but on TV they’ll cut it down for 15 sec and even 7.5 sec spots.

Often the simplest messages are the clearest.


Love it.

Thanks for sharing, Bryan.

I certainly use my Gen3 iPad RD in the field and in conferences as a serious production device. Can’t wait to see where 64-bit capacity takes it next. I’m anticipating Stata to come out with an iPad software package anytime now.

I pity MS for having missed this boat. They’re now swimming from the shore and hoping to reach this vessel before it powers into overdrive. Outcome: uncertain.


Notice who’s doing the voiceover on the commercial?

Hint: First name also is Bryan.

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