Apple’s Spaceship Campus through a Drone’s Eye

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Check out this very cool video of Apple's spaceship campus construction site, shot through a GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition mounted on a drone. We've seen several great photos from KCBS reporter Ron Cervi, but YouTube member jmcminn's high definition video is a feast for the Apple-obsessed eye. The video, which was shot on August 24th, shows more progress on the building's structure, including some slab work (or whatever futury thing Apple is doing for its foundation). Also, while we're here, think about the number of drones that could be flying over corporate HQ's everywhere sooner, rather than later. For company's like Apple whose stock in trade is built partially on secrets, drones are part of a brave new world. [Via Fortune -> @applespotlight]


Check It Out: Apple’s Spaceship Campus through a Drone’s Eye

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I have to say that that video was AWESOME!!! It is hard to visualize just how much work and material goes into building such an iconic building that this will become. This reminds me of the building of the Pentagon at the start of World War II. Not sure if the Apple Starship is larger though. I believe they has as many as 4,000 workers on site for over a year getting it ready to use.  Both building were and will be be AWESOME to behold.


Apple covers their prototypes in black cloth when transporting them between buildings. But when do you think drones will be small enough and quiet enough to slip through badge doors behind unsuspecting workers?

There are likely a number of people who have had partial tours of buildings or who are former workers that would know enough to get into places without having to waste all their time just getting their bearings.

Are factories in China loud enough to mask a drone’s buzzing? (Never been, so I have no idea.)


For those doing Pentagon comparisons:
* Footprint on the ground is about the same.
* Pentagon: ~6 million square feet. Apple: ~3 million.
* Pentagon: ~26,000 employees. Apple: ~14,000
The essential difference is that the Pentagon built farther into the center than Apple did, and built more floors.

For extra fun, note the cement plant on-site in the background of the video. I understand much of the material it’s using is recycled from the buildings originally there.

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