Automatic Pairs Your Car & iPhone with OnStar-like Features

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Regret not ponying up for that OnStar subscription for your last car? A startup called Automatic promises to provide most of those features (and a few extra) with an iPhone app and a hardware dongle that plugs into your car's data port. The device performs diagnostics, lets you turn off your "Service Engine" light, provides fuel-saving tips based on your driving habits, remembers where you park and where you drove, calls for help in an accident, and more. The device (expected to ship in August) costs a one-time fee of US$69 and connects to a companion iPhone app via Bluetooth. An Android version is planned, but Windows Phone and Blackberry users are out of luck. The company says it works with virtually every gasoline-powered car sold in the U.S. since 1996. If Automatic lives up to its promise, it could be huge.


Check It Out: Automatic Pairs Your Car & iPhone with OnStar-like Features

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The guy in the video emphasizes using it for fuel economy, but I’m willing to bet there will soon be dozens of hacks for ‘tuning’ your econo-box into a pocket rocket.

It’s also a pity that one still needs a dongle to access the data port, but manufacturers will probably fix that sooner, rather than later.

Paul Goodwin

This sounds very interesting. Can’t wait for some reviews

Paul Goodwin

Wouldn’t it be great if it would disable anyone’s vehicle that accelerates slower than a fully loaded cement truck.

Kevin King

This looks to be a great gadget and I’ve just Pre-ordered mine!  Thanks for the heads-up!

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