Behold HTC's Rap Attack on Apple and iPhone 6

HTC has gotten its corporate derriere handed to it on a paper plate by Samsung in the Android space. And though the company was a powerhouse in the feature phone market (back when that was a thing), HTC has struggled from day one against Apple's iPhone. But that all changes today—oh, it was actually January 29th. OK, then, that all changed last week when HTC brought out the big dogs to go after Apple. That's right, I'm talking thermonuclear war. HTC released a rap video with an itemized critique of Apple's shortcomings in the smartphone space. I know what you're thinking. You're saying, "Oh, no they di'n't!" But yes. Yes they did. "Your phone was all glass/Why you change your tune now?/Your chip is slower/Plus you'll never touch our BoomSound." How can Apple ever recover from such a devastating attack?

Check It Out: Behold HTC's Rap Attack on Apple and iPhone 6