Behold the $1,400 Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

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Hey, brother, can you spare $1,400? US, please. There's this desktop 3D scanner I need to buy. OK, I'll work on my begging pitch, but in the meanwhile, check out what has me drooling, the Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner from MakerBot. As you can see in the video, it's a laser-based 3D scanner small enough to fit on your desk (if you have a medium-sized desk or larger). That means you can use it to scan stuff—don't ask me what, because la la la I can't hear you!—and turn it into a 3D schematic that you can then send to a 3D printer! Cool, eh? For designers and engineers who make physical products, this could be a tipping point for inexpensive 3D scanning and printing. If you're rich, it could be something super awesome to impress your friends. [Via TechCrunch]


Check It Out: Behold the $1,400 Digitizer Desktop 3D Scanner

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I have a few friends who sculpt, and I have a large collection of stuff suitable for scanning, and even more friends with even more stuff.  I’m getting a lot of use out of my Replicator 2 (the 3D printer in the background of that video) but I think that scanner will be running 16 hours a day for several months before things slow down.


If you put it upside-down on your head and let the body pivot rather than the turntable then you get a digital 3D image of your face.

Bryan Chaffin

palenoue, are you truly getting one? I’d love to hear about your experiences if so.


Bryan, you mean Mac Observer HQ isn’t getting one for the staff?  I’m shocked!

Bryan Chaffin

We were going to, but it doesn’t come in gold anodized aluminum…


Think of all the Apple stuff people send you to review.  You could scan them in, join them together, and print out an Accessory Robot from your Replicator 2.


China, start your photocopiers!

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