Behold The i-Cookie Cutter!

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Oh, sure, you can get a Gold iPhone from Apple, but thanks to the brainiacs over at ThinkGeek, now you can have Chocolate iPhone. Or a Shortbread iPhone. Or an iPhone Covered with Icing and Candy and Stuff™.  The nifty little product shown in the image is the stainless steel i-Cookie Cutter, a cookie cutter in the shape of an iPhone, complete with lines for the screen, home button, apps, and the speaker. Come on, how awesome is that? On the right are some finished cookie examples. For bonus points use Nancy Carroll Gravley's incredible icebox cookie recipe (with her icing recipe, because ZOMGNOMNOMNOM!). The i-Cookie Cutter is $15.99.


Check It Out: Behold The i-Cookie Cutter!

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This website is the cookie cutter with the constant pop-up ads that move while I try to scroll up ir down on my iPhone to read the articles. Yet another website I’ll stop visiting on my iPhone…

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