BitTorrent Brings File Sync to iPhone

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Syncing files between your Mac and iPhone or iPad isn't always the easiest task to manage, so BitTorrent decided to help out with its brand new BitTorrent Sync for iOS. The app lets you sync any file between your own devices without requiring cloud-based servers, can share files between iOS devices, supports encrypted file transfers, uses QR codes to share folders, and more. BitTorrent Sync is a handy tool for moving your own files to and from your iOS devices, and it works for sharing files with friends and coworkers on your local network, too. BitTorrent Sync is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.


Check It Out: BitTorrent Brings File Sync to iPhone

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“Difficult” is not a word I would use to describe syncing between iOS/OS X devices. For most Apple apps, it’s automatic. For the rest, there is Copy or Dropbox.

The only advantage this app offers is not having a cloud-based server acting as a middle-man. The problem with that is that your Mac has to be on and awake in order to sync.

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