BlackBerry Meltdown with Dave Foley - Funny or Die Video

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Funny or Die has posted a hilarious video starring Dave Foley (from Kids in the Hall) called BlackBerry Meltdown with Dave Foley. He plays "Josh Fletcher," the last remaining employee at BlackBerry, who's job it is to raise revenue by selling all the iPhones found because former employees didn't have time to clean out their desks. it's a genius piece, IMO, and while it may seem that it's mocking employees who have lost their jobs at BlackBerry, it's really a statement about the role of the iPhone in bringing BlackBerry to a crisis point. Plus, Dave Foley is a brilliant comedian. Note that there are one and a half instances of profanity in the piece. Thanks to @pjpaul for the heads up.


Check It Out: BlackBerry Meltdown with Dave Foley - Funny or Die Video

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The guy is a Canuck too.  So the disappointment and bitterness over the demise of Blackberry probably wasn’t an act..

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