Boomerang Stand for Multiple Angles and Uses

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ByteMyApple shipped the Boomerang stand for iPad Wednesday. We thought this was pretty cool because just by itself it offers users a variety of ways to stand your iPad up. Even cooler is the strong magnet on the back of the stand that allows you to hang your iPad wherever a magnet will stick. It comes with a multimount you can affix to a wall or other surface that the Boomerang's magnet will stick to. The company has also designed a sexy desk stand (shown in the image and sold separately) designed just for the magnet. Boomerang clips to your iPad and it won't interfere with Apple's Smart Cover. Like most products, Boomerang was originally a KickStarter crowd-funded product. It's priced at $79.99.


Check It Out: Boomerang Stand for Multiple Angles and Uses

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