Breaking Android Tablet Share by Actual Platform

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Ben Bajarin of Creative Strategies has posted an excellent analysis of IDC's tablet forecast we talked about on Tuesday. Mr. Bajarin argued that looking at Android tablet sales as a whole distorts the relative value of the OS, and that one should instead realize that there are multiple Android platforms powered by Google's OS, and that most of those devices don't bring value to Google or have access to Google Play. The chart below was his effort at putting IDC's forecast in perspective. It's a solid analysis and we recommend this as a good read.


Check It Out: Breaking Android Tablet Share by Actual Platform

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It is a superb analyses and it mirrors something I’ve said for a while. You can’t compare iOS (one manufacturer running their own OS) to Android (multiple manufacturers each customizing the OS to meet their own needs and often using different generations of OS). Just because they all start with “Android” does not mean that a Kindle and a Galaxy and a Droid are the same platform. It reminds me of the people that want to run Linux. Sure but Ubuntu? Debian? LinuxMint? RedHat? They have the same core but there’s a lot of differences.


Very nice Bryan.


And just wait til Sammy forks Android - that might leave Google a red sliver smaller than Windows 8!!


It’s amazing how a bunch of companies can take pretty good technology and create a myriad of competing platforms that, from the average consumer’s perspective, must look like a glorious tangle.

Picking a winner - in terms of functionality, security, longevity etc - could be a challenging task. Or maybe the hardware will be so cheap it doesn’t matter which you choose. Things can only get worse.

Good stuff Bryan - I assume the tag “cool stuff found” refers to the analytical journalism - not Android. grin


Remember, for everybody except Apple, “Actual” = “Guess” or “Estimate”.

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