Brilliant ‘Apple Clickbait Generator’ Makes Apple-Doomed-Articles

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"Why Everything Is Bad for Apple." So reads the title of the article you'll find at Apple Clickbait Generator (ACG), a brilliant idea created by Kirk Lennon and Owen Evans [via TUAW]. Every time you load up the ACG, you get a randomly generated article that explains why Apple is doomed. They're randomly generated, but many of the lines are culled from actual published clickbait. The result is so good, I expect many so-called journalists and their so-called publishers might start cribbing Apple-Is-Doomed straight from the ACG. Be it Apple's pricing, Apple's lefty obsession with Green, the lack of innovation, or the reality that the next iPhone will disappoint, the ACG has you covered. Brilliant!


Check It Out: Brilliant ‘Apple Clickbait Generator’ Makes Apple-Doomed-Articles

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LOL! The irony of this article is it pretty much forced me to click on it!

Lee Dronick

Headless Server Found in Topless Bar


You claim the “Apple Clickbait Generator” is new. I’m sure quite a few people have been using beta versions of the software for a while.

Constable Odo

Things that work perfectly well for other companies always ends up being called a liability for Apple.  For a long time some people wondered why Apple didn’t acquire companies.  Now that Apple is acquiring companies it is being said it’s because they can no longer come up with their own innovation.  Although Apple has more money than most corporations could imagine, critics said Apple paid too much money for Beats and they should have bought nearly any other company instead.  There are less wealthier companies paying too much for acquisitions all the time and you won’t be reading a gazillion articles saying they made a bad choice.  Apple ends up being damned if they do and damned if they don’t.  Everyone thinks they can run Apple better than Tim Cook and that doesn’t make any sense at all.  Apple has huge amounts of money and a market cap that far exceeds any other company with a retail business that’s more profitable than any other retail business on the planet.  How does that show that Tim Cook doesn’t know how to run Apple?

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