Celebrate the Mac’s 30th Anniversary with Original Mac Team, Macworld All Star Band, More

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This Saturday, you can celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh computer by attending a majorly cool event fittingly called Mac 30th Celebration. It's being held at the Flint Center in Cupertino, CA, the same place the Mac was originally announced in 1984.  The event features three panels that include many members of the amazing team that developed the Mac with Steve Jobs, including  Bill Atkinson, Randy Wigginton, Andy Hertzfeld, Bruce Horn, George Crow. and Caroline Rose. Another panel features Daniel Kottke, Larry Tesler, Marc LeBrun, Bill Fernandez and a mystery guest. A third panel features several third party Mac developers. As amazing as all that is, there will also be an appearance by the Macworld All Star Band, with Chris Breen, Paul Kent, Bob LeVitus, Chuck La Tournous, Duane Straub, Dave Hamilton and Bryan Chaffin (a.k.a. me). Tickets are $109.75 or $140.80, and all proceeds after expenses benefit the Coders Dojo.


Check It Out: Celebrate the Mac’s 30th Anniversary with Original Mac Team, Macworld All Star Band, More

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I wish Apple would have a 30th Anniversary Mac. I liked the 20th anniversary model, couldn’t afford it but I liked it. It wouldn’t have to be anything major. Maybe a Mac Pro with “30 Years of Different” along with all sorts of filigree and scroll work engraved all over the outside. How about an all black iMac with “30 Years” engraved on the face. Something simple like that.


I assume there won’t be any live streaming of the event, but I hope there will be video of the panel discussions posted at some point. I really wish I could be there!


Bryan, if you spring for an return airline ticket (first class of course), I’ll spring for a ticket ? grin

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