Coffitivity: Make Your Office Sound Like a Coffee Shop

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If you feel like your office is too quiet and that's taking an impact on your creativity, heading to your favorite coffee shop to work can be just the boost you need. When leaving the office just isn't an option, Coffitivity can at least bring those coffee shop sounds to you. Apparently studies have shown the ambient noise in places like coffee shops can help boost creativity and productivity, and Coffitivity does a great job of bringing that sound to you in a non-obtrusive way. Even better, it's a website, so you don't have to buy any apps or audio files to bring that coffee shop sound to your desk. Thanks to Life Hacker for the heads up!


Check It Out: Coffitivity: Make Your Office Sound Like a Coffee Shop

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Lee Dronick

No thanks, too noisy. I would have to do what I do when at the coffee shop and that is put on my earphones. At least there is no one smoking cigarettes outside of the place.


What a strange idea. Coffee to help inspire ? Yes. But who can think with all that noise about ?

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